Under the direction of Meredith Harper Houston, Merryland Dance Petite offers a variety of introductory classes for babies, pre-schoolers and their parents! We have Mommy & Me classes (Dads don’t be shy, you’re welcome too!) as well as Drop-off classes, where parents can actually get something done: run errands, check your e-mail, work out, take a MDS class, nap in the car…We get it! Please email merrylanddance@gmail.com for more information.

At Merryland Dance Studio your child will learn dance technique. They will also learn the joy of dancing and self-expression. They will most importantly learn to celebrate community, to interpret, to listen, to try, to fail, to succeed, to be challenged, to be happy, to be weak, to be strong, and to grow. I can attest to ALL of this learning and it has been…well…magical.